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Cargo Officer

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Cargo Officer

Department: Operational Prepared by: Coastair

Last change date: 27/10/2022

Job context  

He/she is in charge to collect documents, record and follow-up the administrative task related to the goods that are circulating in the warehouse.

Position in the organization  


Job Purpose / Rational for the position

The purpose of the Cargo Officer’s work is to ensure the customers/drivers get a professional approach and follow up .

Job Requirements  

Knowledge / Know-how  

  • He/she has an confirmed experience in cargo administration.

Technical Skills  

  • Security regulated agent certificate ;
  • Dangerous goods regulations certificate (Category 6) ;
  • Computer confirmed skills (Office 365,…).


  • Communication skills ;
  • Administration Skills ;
  • Manage priorities ;
  • Quick learning and application off the processes ;
  • Organized ;
  • Detailed oriented, rigorous ;
  • Team player ;
  • Stress resistant Flexible.

Language Skills

  • Fluent English and French, Dutch is a plus.


Customer Focus 3

  • Responds adequately to the customer's request.
  • Always remains friendly, even when the customer has a complaint.
  • Provides a concrete solution to the problem raised by the customer.
  • Gives the customer transparent advice or refers him to the competent persons or services.
  • Contacts the customer himself, if necessary.
  • Demonstrates a professional approach.

Professional Orientation 3

  • Masters his profession.
  • Practices his profession professionally.
  • Maintains and improves his own knowledge and skills.
  • Knows what has to be done and how it should be done.

Plan & Organize 3

  • Plans and organizes work effectively.
  • Brings order, structure and regularity to the work to be done and thus obtains an overview.
  • Set objectives, priorities and time allocation.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Administrate the documents and follow-up of the handling of goods
    • Ensure the accuracy of the documentation accompanying the goods.
    • Follow up on the security of the goods in compliance with the security rules.
    • Record the movement of goods in and out of the digital system.
    • Acceptance of dangerous goods in accordance with IATA rules.
    • Correcting information where necessary.
    • Issuance of customs documents or requests to customs agencies.
    • Gathering proper documentation for outbound cargo.
    • Tracing - tracking status of goods.
    • Follow up on palletization in order to issue a cargo manifest and a correct NOTOC.
    • Sort and file various documents.
  • Taking care of the customers
    • He/she is responsible for the customer professional reception of customers and suppliers in the organization.
    • He/she is responsible for a correct telephone assistance for both customers and suppliers.
    • He/she shows suppliers the way in the organization.
    • Processing custom requests.
    • Processing of information provided by customers (E.g. booking, allocation,…).
  • Communicate with colleagues, Cargo Office Executive and customer and different departments
    • Inform the appropriate customer/department in the event of missing documentation.
    • Inform the customs agency/customs of the movement of the goods.
    • Ensure that the necessary information is transmitted for invoicing purposes.
    • Communicate corrected information when necessary.
    • Report and communicate any incident or discrepancy related to the goods.
    • Transmission of directives to the warehouse by preparing the necessary documents for the activity (loading/unloading of trucks; instructions for construction).
    • Ensure monitoring of equipment stock (ULD) and check in collaboration with warehouse supervisor (daily inventory of freight present in the warehouse).

Work-related concerns  

  • Being aware of prolonged screen work ;
  • Being aware of long-term sedentary work ;
  • Being aware that the above list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented by tasks that are related to your knowledge, capacities/abilities and linked to the work environment.






Our Team

Experts from across all sectors of air cargo, our team can handle anything. From cargo pick-up to Customs clearance, pallet build-up to aircraft loading – our team has the know-how. That’s because at COASTAIR, we eat, sleep and drink cargo. Meet the team here.

The Supervisors

Our supervisors are in-house, onsite and with your cargo every step of the way. They will ensure your cargo flies as booked, is properly labelled and always fully documented. They will also handle trucking delays and last-minute changes with complete composure.

Thinking Differently

We think beyond the average GSA or normal cargo agent limitations. We are fully independent and have a ‘no strings attached’ sales policy. We go further than the ‘usual’ networks to find the best solutions for our customers. This is our overriding commitment to every client.

Cost Efficiency

After 20 years in the air cargo business, we have built a fine reputation among all major air cargo carriers. Through our unerring work ethic and broad network of contacts, we can obtain the best flight allocations, and at the best airfreight rates.

Personal Service

As a neutral airfreight agency, we offer a ‘human’ approach to every cargo uplift. Shipments may come in different shapes and sizes, but it’s our mission to handle each one as if it were our own. We never have (and never will) treat cargo ‘robotically’.


We’re an award-winning team of air cargo experts who never take ‘no’ for an answer. If you know COASTAIR, you’ll know our mantra – ‘we’ll get your cargo there, no matter what.’

Our team has the perfect blend of experience in all air cargo aspects – from load mastering to flight operations, cargo sales to airline management.

By partnering with us, you can be sure that your cargo will be handled with the utmost care and attention. Scheduled service or full charter, COASTAIR will always go the extra mile. So why not join us on the journey? You’ll be glad you did.

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