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To land a job quickly, optimise your LinkedIn profile!

Date de publication: 15 févr. 2016

LinkedIn has become “the place to be” to develop your business relationships. But you still need to maximise your chance of standing out from the crowd of profiles using the platform. The first step consists of improving your visibility by efficiently personalising your presentation file.Only then can you try develop your network and increase your business opportunities.


Optimising your profile means providing yourself with a full, relevant and coherent business card. The more detailed and complete it is, the more effective will be the promotion of you and your business. A complete LinkedIn profile is therefore an essential prerequisitefor widening your influence.

Bear in mind that the most important information must be displayed first. However, the positioning will depend on your objectives (looking for a candidate, business relationships, etc.). So don’t just copy/paste your CV.


A stronger profile in 5 steps!


Ask yourself some sensible questionsabout your needs: “why create a profile”? By filling in all the fields provided by LinkedIn (Experience, Résumé, Skills, area of activity, etc.), you will be seeking to make yourself“visible to all”.

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