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5 preconceptions about interim work debunked!

Date de publication: 15 févr. 2016

There are numerous misconceptions on the subject of interim work, from its cost being generally presented as higher than that of a regular employee to the assumption that it is only used in large companies. Here are 5 preconceptions that are particularly scathing and need to be debunked.


Focus on 5 new recruitment practices


A study carried out in the USA shows that a minority of recruiters still ignore the social networks in their recruitment processes. At the same time, other hiring practices and sources are appearing all the time...


The use of social networks in the recruitment process has grown rapidly in the last few years. Only 4% of the American recruiters surveyed by JobVite say they do not use the main platforms to recruit the talent they need in their companies.

In reality however, the dominance of LinkedIn hides the growing influence of other platforms in the recruitment process.